Visual Composer Showcase: January 2021

The first months of the year are what bring us renewed pursuits to reach our fullest human potential.

Also, the new year is a wonderful chance to start fresh, gain new perspectives, invent new routines, and/or keep continuing old traditions. That’s why we are back again with yet another showcase of beautiful websites made by Visual Composer users - thank you for being with us! ????

Let’s make the most of the year 2021 and get inspired together. #madeinvc

EverGreen website


Why not no start this year with a cleanse?

Evergreen is a family-owned business that distributes nutritious, healthy, and vegan-friendly (yum!) snacks all across the globe. Visitors can overview these labels organized within a simple (yet powerful) Logo Slider element from the Visual Composer Hub.

Their website is a great representation of how to create a killer first impression with high-quality images and catchy effects like bounce and mouse-follow animation.

Also, it is an inspirational example of what the end result can look like if you are up to combine the functionality of multiple WordPress plugins. Once opened, the website displays an eye-catching slider created with the Slider Revolution plugin and fine-tuned with the Visual Composer. Voilà!

EDHack website


EDHack is a space to generate ideas for overcoming educational challenges. Based in Spain, this community is created to improve the education system and spread feminism, sustainability, and lifelong learning within schools.

This website is all about the biggest power of content elements and web design trends.

When applied right (and smart), they can speak for the company’s values, mission, and vision. While there are multiple options to do so, EDHack applies a live-action video background, sticky header, and a stretched (full width and height) content to bridge the gaps between the company and the site’s visitors.

El Sarape website

El Sarape

You may not be hungry, but not after you have visited the website of the El Sarape restaurant chain.

The whole site gives off a feeling of the American West and lets visitors travel without even leaving the room.

The old film overlay style background video, chosen country-style font family, and a simple parallax effect create a sense of belonging to a Mexican authenticity, adventure, and freedom.

Michael Temple website

Michael Temple

This is a portfolio website of a modern and experienced product designer. Plus, a fascinating creative case of introducing oneself in the 2020s.

To impress in a world full of high competition, this website applies probably the most important details like persuasive storytelling, one-of-a-kind design, and custom solutions.

The design of this creative portfolio goes outside the standard layouts - it combines a row and column layout with an asymmetrical one to create a wow effect and tell a complete story.

Joker Music website

Joker Music

Joker Music is the portfolio site of a musician and producer DJ Joker from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Like every piece in this collection, this website is more about the feeling it creates. Blinding lights, party music to get people going, positive vibes - the atmosphere you scent while visiting it.

But this website is also about the story it tells through visuals.

For example, the background zoom effect (a powerful visual storytelling technique) sets the desired mood. But image gallery and videos (Image Gallery and Video Player elements from the Visual Composer Hub) introduce visitors to DJ Joker and his works.

Marston Park website

Marston Park

Marston Park is a cozy place to stay while being surrounded by beautiful views and nature. Located on the lake edge in Somerset, England it is a great place to inspire creativity, chill out, and enjoy sunsets.

This website is not only a complete guide on the amenities of the location but also an entire story told primarily using quality visuals. Just as the basic plot of the book consists of events series, this storyline includes a sequence of images.

To connect those in a story and divide it into “chapters”, the company applies an animated fade-in down effect and a Separator content element from the Visual Composer Hub to the website design.

To Be Continued

Within this showcase, we have traveled across the globe, tasted Mexican cuisine, and listened to various inspirational stories. Yes, the design of your site can do this - and more.

As there is no formula for success. But John Maxwell once said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

So, be a leader. And inspire others with your way, just as the websites above. Happy creation! ????