Best WordPress Templates 2021

I'm here to tell you: it is possible to build a WordPress website fast. You can maximize your time-efficiency without putting a lot of effort into creating it from scratch. Choose one of the best WordPress templates and edit it to your liking.

However, with thousands of free and premium WordPress templates available, it can be hard to pick the best one. Your final choice must meet the following criteria: it keeps your branding consistent, helps to achieve your business goals, and looks good on any device.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best WordPress templates for 2021 to make your website shine.

How to find the most appropriate WordPress template for you? Take a look into this year’s web design trends and follow the key points on choosing the best template you’ll learn from this article.

That being said, let’s jump right into the world of templates.

How To Build A Website Using Templates?

Let’s imagine you move to a new house. In order to speed up the process, you choose to buy real estate versus building new construction from scratch. The template would be the design of a particular room while the theme would be the overall look of the house.

Applying this analogy for the WordPress environment, your theme defines the whole appearance of your site. But the WordPress template is a predefined structure of a single page that only requires slight modifications.

Huge libraries of free and premium themes for WordPress, like WordPress Theme Repository or ThemeForest, offer an incredible amount of responsive themes for every niche. However, most of them come with a little amount of templates included.

But what if you need a special template for certain purposes, like a contact page?

Bad news: to add a new template to an existing theme you need to be somewhat a code-ninja.
Good news: Visual Composer offers professionally designed templates ready for all types of content. You don’t need to build a page from scratch or hire a designer/developer to create a template.

To help you out, I have collected the best WordPress templates for 2021 available in the Visual Composer for Premium users. All templates are fully responsive, clean-designed, and easy-to-customize.

Best WordPress Templates In 2021

The main great thing about Visual Composer templates: when taken as a base, each of them can be easily adjusted to multiple preferences. This means you won’t face any complex features that can accidentally ruin an existing design if changed.

All templates follow the main tendencies in web design and development. You'll find the header section with the site menu, contact page accompanied by a simple contact form element, and more.

Sinloa Coffee WordPress Template

Sinloa Coffee

Sinloa Coffee template set is a go-to option for creating a website for any sort of cafes – coffee shop, restaurant, or bar. This set includes 19 ready-made pages and blocks: from a clean menu page to fully customizable testimonial blocks, product features, and more.

Burger Story WordPress Template

Burger Story

This template utilizes some popular design trends, like bright and aggressive colors to highlight bold statements paired with masonry block layout. This combination shows off every single product in the best possible way. Burger Story template is the right fit for fast-food chains and restaurant owners alike to engage visitors and represent services.

Shippo WordPress Template


Shippo is a true business template, that emphasizes brand essence and uses colors that are proven to work well for businesses. This template set illustrates the power of complex layouts that can be made with Visual Composer Design Options. This will break out the regular grid that everyone’s so used to and make your page stand out.

Flowerall WordPress Template


A simple and clean-designed business template set focused on service or product showcase – a great chance to give the impression of professionalism. Frequently used in this template set, rounded shapes are combined with soft colors to create aesthetic beauty. This not only grabs the visitor’s attention but also makes information easier to process.

How To Add A WordPress Template?

To get one of these Visual Composer templates (and more), activate your Premium license to unlock Visual Composer Hub – a cloud library of content elements, templates, and extensions available without additional costs.

Once you have access to Visual Composer Hub, navigate straight to the premium template section. Find and download the desired template that will be automatically added to your site.

Smart Tips To Choose A Website Template

But apart from diving into the collection of beautiful WordPress templates, it’s essential to understand how to choose one. As you need to consider plenty of things in advance, the decision-making process on what’s better for your site can overwhelm.

Before choosing your WordPress website template as a starting design, consider these couple of tips that should help you pick the best match.

Define Your WordPress Website Type And Layout

Defining your business goals will later appear via your site structure and overall design. Do you want to showcase your service through a clean landing page, build a complex e-commerce website, or start a blog about cats?

The acknowledgment of your business project targets and niche-specific requirements (core features you should have on your page) will help you to choose an appropriate template. At this point, you can check competitors to gain more insights on the topic.

Once you’ve considered your website type, it’s time to focus on your website design and layout – the structure determining the appearance of your content. These are just a few key points you can pay attention to while choosing a WordPress template:

  • Overall user experience;
  • Easy navigation process;
  • Content width design type (full-width or boxed width);
  • The placement of your logo;
  • Header and footer layout.

Without a doubt, there are a lot more things to consider. For instance, underestimating the importance of color palette choice and site’s typography can lead to visitor’s poor evaluation of your brand as a whole.

Look For Flexible Customization

Rich set of features and flexible customization options are useful to avoid “yet another website” effect. A personalized template will stand your brand among competitors.

However, the customization process shouldn’t require a complete redesign.

A good practice is to choose the WordPress template that offers a wide variety of features from niche-specific to general ones for a wide range of fields. The rest is simple – you only need to eliminate elements you aren’t going to use.

The key to success here is opting for an easy-to-use content editing and built-in powerful tools to enhance your template. For that reason, all Visual Composer WordPress templates have a drag-and-drop interface – the simplest way to edit your content without any coding skills needed.

Choose Responsive And SEO-friendly Template

I’m sure you want to target as much wider audience as possible. With that in mind, consider having a responsive website a must, because more than half of your potential users will use mobile devices to interact with your site.

To make sure your site appears equally well on any device, all Visual Composer templates are mobile-friendly and come with an option to preview your layout on the most popular device types. In addition, there is mobile editing – the way to manage your content via phone or tablet.

Apart from responsiveness, another powerful tool to reach the audience is applying effective SEO techniques. In essence, striving for SEO-friendly templates helps you to rank higher and ensures fast page load time.

Consider Support Availability

While working with a WordPress template rarely requires some coding or designing skills, you want to be covered in case some technical or other issues arise.

So, customer support availability is highly important when choosing a WordPress template for your site. Fixing the issue should be a priority of your template supplier in the WordPress environment.

And Visual Composer templates fully match industry standards: you not only get the template, but also receive built-in professional customer and technical support, constant updates, and bug fixes. Besides, you can browse through comprehensive help tutorials or ask pre-sales questions to clarify things.


To summarize the guidelines on choosing the best WordPress website templates in 2021, opt for a high-quality and professionally-designed responsive template. Also, the ease of customization should be coupled with feature-rich assets to extend the template.

With that in mind, pick one of these Visual Composer templates and you’ll be good to go to create a beautiful WordPress site fast and easy.