Visual Composer Showcase: April 2020

Spring is in full swing right now and I'm back with yet another Visual Composer Showcase! #madeinvc

It is believed that April is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, who symbolizes love and beauty. In this April showcase, we gathered beautiful examples of websites made with love and Visual Composer Website Builder to encourage your inspiration and creativity.

PHU Solo

April is the month of the growing and nature awakening season. And it's time to decorate our gardens and take care of the nature around us. PHU Solo delivers professional gardening equipment and services to create beautiful gardens, cherish forests and plots.

As your personality and imagination can shine through your garden area, company values and provided services can be represented via the site’s design. This website is divided into sections with various backgrounds and background images to separate information and create a logical structure. Also, the background image is used for a great header section to grab visitors’ attention.

Le Cotte Roti

“After a full belly, all is poetry,” Frank McCourt once said. Le Cotte Roti is a cozy restaurant located in the capital city of France, Paris. They serve delicious gourmet cuisine, offer a huge wine menu and provide both midday and evening meals. What about poetry here? Well, the list of dishes available at Le Cotte Roti restaurant is a real poem.

The website has a beautiful main image and content is organized in nice sections with slide effect. By taking the whole screen it creates a focus on the specific content.


In 2019, the bakery product segment became the largest one in the gluten-free products market. As a part of this market, Glutestop is dedicated to the production and distribution of gluten-free mixes. The company’s cornerstone is the quality of raw materials and belief in the power of natural ingredients.

This website is a great example of how high-quality images and background effects can complement content sections and highlight the key messages of the company.


Our mission is to help people get their business online. Over the years we have expanded the variety of industries we supported in creating a website. Alunova equips customers with aluminum profile systems, accessories and architectural solutions.

To catch attention and feature the company’s specifics, this website design includes a slideshow with product images. By adding custom icon graphics the overall look becomes complete.


With a customer-centric attitude, SAM hair salon offers a wide range of professional services in a relaxing atmosphere. The team considers hairdressing an art, just like the Visual Composer team considers the website building process!

What makes this particular page to stand out? A great slideshow at the top of the website, good images and great fonts.

By Voices

The majority of people learn through visuals. But there are also auditory learners, who absorb information by hearing and listening. By Voices can help you to record, translate and create audio narratives. This is an effective way how to convey knowledge and experience within your organization or for personal needs.

By Voices website has a very nice color palette and minimalistic approach with the main focus on textual information. Also, perfectly used shapes make the design complete and worth paying attention to!

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