Visual Composer Showcase: January

The holidays are about keeping the traditions alive. It means the time to our monthly showcase tradition has come.✨

As the new year (and decade) is just begun, we are here again with a new January showcase. So, discover the most inspirational pages made by Visual Composer Website Builder.

This collection is a great representation of the most powerful features available within our plugin. From the powerful background parallax effect to the well-designed custom elements.

No matter who you are and what kind of business you are running, you can apply our builder features.  And make the best of your website right away. Just as others do!

Are you ready to have an inspirational boost? #madeinvc

Lefound Studio Website

Lefound Studio

A fashion brand offering an ultimate feminine clothing style for every woman to find harmony and inner self. The overall design of the website completely matches a brand identity. As combination of the minimalistic and artistic style and typography has proven to be trendy for several years. And probably is here to stay for several more.

Lefound Studios’ website has something to catch visitors’ attention from the first sight. A great background - large and beautiful image applied to full width and height row via Design Options feature.

KMS Website


KMS (Ksatria Medical Systems) is a smart solution for hospitals to manage and improve patient care. But a clean large business website with lots of content let visitors get to know the product really well. Visual Composer Website Builder handles such websites without any performance issues.

Additionally, to keep visitors on the page, a background zoom effect is applied to the main image. A great solution not to overwhelm your audience with textual information.

Brandon Lindsey Website

Brandon Lindsey

A portfolio is a great way to promote and showcase your works. Brandon Lindsey is a talented filmmaker with a simple yet extensive portfolio website representing his media artworks. The website has a well-organized layout and buttons to navigate users. Additionally, the parallax effect and background videos added via Design Options create an illusion of depths and make the website look more professional.

Instead of spending a lot of time on your own site you can work on projects you get paid for. That is to say simply choose Visual Composer while creating your portfolio website as Brandon Lindsey did.

Transaction Website

Transaction agency

The Transaction is a multifunctional eCommerce agency providing partnership to other online businesses. With 17 years of experience in the marketplace, this agency will assist your business throughout any stage from the development to marketing.

To grab visitors’ attention from the first sight, the agency uses an interesting block layout with a yellow background color. As the psychology of the yellow color claims, it is categorized as an energetic and attention-grabbing one.

Also, the pronunciation in the first block is a great example of the marketing-oriented design that we list in our web design trends 2020 as the one to dominate.

El Valle Tipico Website

El Valle Tipico

We can't imagine the showcase without any example of a deliciously illustrated food website. In January, our choice is an El Valle Tipico Spanish cuisine restaurant. For instance, the video background of hot soup is a nice way to complement such a website. It creates a craving to try a dish right away.

Shape dividers for sections are great as well as the color palette of the website. Plus, they use different elements from the Visual Composer Hub. For example, Food and Drinks Menu element, multiple icons and buttons.

Me Wah Website

Me Wah Restaurants

Another beautiful example of a website for this time created to showcase the Chinese cuisine restaurant. Me Wah has it all: extensive menu and price list available on the website, gallery of the high-quality images of the dishes and much more.

It is a visually-appealing and complete website that uses the combination of Visual Composer Website Builder features and custom elements. The simple layout combines with a well-designed and placed elements to make the website look beautiful and flawless.


We just got covered the latest collection of beautiful works powered by Visual Composer. At the very beginning of the year, it is crucial to have some inspiration.

New year, a new showcase and new dose of inspiration for you to create a stunning website within all features available in our plugin.

Do you want to be featured with your website? Share, comment below and join Visual Composer showcase with your website!