Visual Composer Showcase No. 22

For our 22nd showcase, we have prepared a super special line-up, honoring these unique, and one-of-a-kind websites that are #madeinVC, for a fact.

We expect you to take from this the information and tools you need, to create a showstopper website for yourself or clients. Because we know that you will most definitely feel inspired! 💡

For that being said, we have listed the Visual Composer content elements, templates, and addons used to create these stunners, under each website 🚀

Cad Soft

Cad Soft introduces innovations in dentistry, with software for CAD/ CAM (as in Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing), guided surgeries, and orthodontics. These AI systems use optical cameras that take 3D images, create digital casts faster, and improve the workflow for dentists & results for patients.

Their website has a lot of next-level designs and animations as well, representing them being up-to-date when it comes to introducing new technologies.

To create this fun page, they have applied the background carousel in their hero section, which livens up the whole site. As for their content, the company uses CSS animations such as Fade In, and Slider to make their displayed products stand out even more.

In addition, the first thing you see upon entry is a stunning popup which is beneficial for conversions, created with the popup editor addon.

Golden Hour Media

This is one of the greater examples of telling a story that inspires visitors who may stumble upon this page. Golden Hour Media is a group of creatives based in the U.S. state of South Carolina. They offer photography and videography services for events, like weddings, brand work, and real estate.

The website complements the aesthetic of the brand they are representing perfectly.

The design options used to create this art piece are - a video background for the opening view and content sliders that elevate the page. For which, if you wish to recreate, the editor offers multiple content elements. Like, the Slider Revolution integration, which helps create beautiful and dynamic sliders.

Plus, stickiness applied to the header section is a great common practice. It ensures that users always have the menu in their reach.

Atlas of the Future

Atlas of the Future is a nonprofit organization founded in Barcelona for a great cause - spreading the word about climate change and finding solutions to create a sustainable future. Each year they invite social pioneers from all over the world, to present their ideas at Fixing the Future.

One of the greater features of the editor is the theme builder with which you can manage the layouts of your pages. Atlas, as per example, has used the header, footer, and sidebar editor to create, save and re-use templates on multiple pages of their website.

Other than that, some fun features that the organization has incorporated throughout their page, are icons. Starting at the top of the page with social media icons that are vital for exposure. And, also continuing further down the page. This is a simple yet great way to draw attention to text by using descriptive symbols.

Mirca Design

This website by the company named Mirca Design is one you will want to scroll through fully! Experience all of the extraordinary parallax effects firsthand.

Specializing in industrial design management, Mirca is a company that creates new products and services for its clients. Based on trend analysis, research, and expertise in the field. They grant to increase the value of the new products with fantastic design strategies.

Although we emphasize that the editor doesn't require coding, if you wish to have some more complex elements, you can use custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create wonders, as this website has.

Another great advantage of the editor is the responsive design. The automatic website adjustments to all devices are magic and this site is an excellent example. Just in case you are wondering, you can also customize responsiveness settings.

Werner Viln

Portfolios are gaining popularity by the day, and in case you didn't know, you can create your own completely for free. This one in particular, by Wener Viln, is breathtaking.

Wener Viln is a digital content creator, senior art director, designer, and illustrator. With more than 15 years of experience in the print & digital content creation industry.

This website itself is super simple, but the content and layout are what make it so beautiful. Best of all, with the editor, you can choose from more than 200 designer-made templates to modify. In this example, the artist has used the post grid element to showcase his best work all in one place.

Another cool thing used on this page is the logo slider element from the Visual Composer Hub. Which lists all the brands the artist has worked with. This is a good feature both design-wise and as a social proof element. In this case, exhibiting achievements and recognition for the artist.

Hey V.A

Hey V.A is a virtual assistant created by Maddie Irving, located in Sydney, Australia. Offering a vast range of long & short-term services to suit the needs of business owners or entrepreneurs. Providing quality and affordable administrative support.

Be sure to check out her blog with advice on how to stay motivated and productive, as well!

Since this is the last website on our list, we would like to accent some elements we haven't yet mentioned. Like, compatibility with WooCommerce, for example, which Maddie uses. As well as the compatibility with Contact Form 7, to make it easier for her clients to reach her at any given time.

As for the next thing, peep the awesome loading screen when you click through Maddie's pages. Making sure you introduce loading screens and icons is a must. That will ensure users don't confuse the site loading for it being broken. Even if it's only a few seconds, it's still crucial. That and other factors that influence website performance can either make your website rank or tank.

And yes, you are probably wondering, how did she create the typing text loop in the hero section? Unfortunately, or fortunately (you decide) you can create that and other custom elements using Visual Composer API.

Ending Thoughts

Creating websites is a form of art that requires a skill-set not many have, but all can learn!

With Visual Composer, you can create websites for yourself or your clients, that they can manage themselves! Fast, easy, and intuitive.

And on that high note, don't forget to tune into our next showcase series! 🤠