Visual Composer Showcase: December 2019

Ho - ho - ho! It is the most wonderful time of the year! ☃️????

We know you love holidays, as the Visual Composer team does. While you are in the middle of gifts wrapping for your beloved ones, we are here again with a monthly dose of inspiration.

Welcome the December showcase - the very last list of the 2019 top websites created with Visual Composer!

This month we collected some great examples for you - from the mouthwatering pizzeria’s website to the personal growth resource. Amazing websites for any taste, useful features and powerful inspirational boost - all in one place!

Let's look at some miracles together! #madeinvc

Holiday Inn Express website

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express is a huge and well-known hotel company brand that is oriented towards a reasonable price and a high level of comfort. It offers a simple yet engaging design, great service, and friendly cost.

What can be a better way to spend this winter holidays?

The Holiday Inn Express website of the Express Rzeszów Airport Hotel is a nice place to rest or work in a quiet atmosphere. The brand claims that they know and offer what is the primary importance of the guests’ need.

What gains attention from the very first sight? A perfect combination of the small details which makes the website design a professional-looking masterpiece.

But the greatest part of the website is a combination of the Visual Composer usage and custom solutions. The Holiday Inn Express website is a perfect example of how Visual Composer Website Builder can ease the process of content management.

As a result, you achieve good performance and users’ experience.

Marketable website


Marketable is a large resource of practical knowledge related to small business marketing.
They know how to guide you through the marketing maze and make your business or start-up work for you.

All website is designed with Visual Composer, displaying how various powerful features can be found and used in one place. To give a website a fresh and beautiful look, the Marketable is complemented with beautiful illustrations, visually appealing gradient overlay and shape dividers.

This resource offers you powerful strategies and action plans to develop your business, its web design and email campaigns. If you always wanted to run your business, this website will definetely help you to take the first steps and become “Market Able”.

Bocconcini website


There is a statement, that “anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza”. So, the pizzeria’s website must look in a way you want that pizza in your mouth immediately.

The Bocconcini Pizzeria & Restaurant page is all about it. It looks tasty and mouthwatering, simple yet captivating. The mix of great typography, bright and noticeable buttons and large header image is an excellent approach to catch visitors’ attention.

But the most remarkable detail of the website is a mouse move parallax effect applied to the header image. The movement creates the illusion of depth and attracts in seconds.

Harmony Townhomes website

Harmony Townhomes

Life in harmony is a balanced life. The Harmony Peaks by Streetside is a community that focuses on the complete lifestyle where you have an urban life surrounded by nature.

It is a site from the same agency that creates multiple pages for real estate with Visual Composer. You can find a map, customers’ feedback and beautiful representation of the neighborhood implemented in the form of the video background.

The graphics, various custom elements, and engaging design made with Visual Composer remain the best possible impression of the products and company.

Complete Vegan website

Complete Vegan Norge

In cold winter months, it is crucial to take care of your health (it is important all year round).

The Complete Vegan Norge company offers a complete supplement for vegetarians and vegans to enrich your organism with all necessary vitamins. Two Visual Composer vegans are happy to have it in our showcase!

The split layout divides the website into logical and separated content sections when you scroll down the page. But the color palette and clean design of the page make you want to stay and learn more about the product.

Upstart website

Upstart Connectors

Another helpful knowledge base is an Upstart Connectors website. They empower and motivate new professionals, young people and everyone who wants to be successful and live a meaningful life.

They offer multiple ways to help you achieve success such as coaching, networking, the broad library of external resources and more. You can find everything for an effective and fast journey of creating a healthy and fulfilled life.

A clean and well-branded site is packed with custom shapes that create a beautiful and modern environment. Besides, there is a lot of good looking custom icons to highlight the textual information. Great solutions to benefit the page!


We have just discovered some amazing websites created with Visual Composer Website Builder.

Mixing together elements from the Visual Composer Hub, applying powerful Design Options or visual effects like parallax or video background is a way to create powerful and creative pages that will stand out. Visual Composer and WordPress is a strong combination for your small or large business.

Yet it is the last showcase of the year 2019, we will continue to gather and deliver the inspirational examples during the next year as well.

Stay tuned, make a great website together with the Visual Composer and maybe you will find your page in the very next showcase. And happy holidays! ????