Visual Composer Showcase: March 2020

Spring is a perfect chance for new beginnings. So, the time has come to build your next website with Visual Composer Website Builder. Here is our new great collection of some beautiful websites made with Visual Composer by people or agencies just like you.

This showcase includes a well-designed, colorful and inspirational websites in various industries. However, the above-mentioned examples have two things in common: these websites are #madeinvc and with love! ????


In the modern world, all the findings and insights should be data-driven in order to help you move forward towards your goal. When providing any kind of service, your user research is crucial to make better decisions and better product experience.

EnjoyHQ is a user research platform based on providing extensive data analysis to centralize all research data and discover insights faster.

The main purpose of this company is to align any company work around the customer. They also start to represent their mission through the well-designed website with the focus on the details.

The combination of basic Visual Composer Website Builder elements and Custom CSS to style them additionally is a powerful way how to build a clean and unique design.


The rest is what all of us need sometimes.

Boboff is a place where you can experience not only rest but also the power of positive emotions like joy and adrenaline. This is a bobsleigh track located in the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic, which is a great adventure for kids and grownups.

Their site is filled with lots of background shapes to make it look like a story you read top-down. By going from the general info at the top to the specific one in the bottom, it creates a balanced experience with a pinch of fun.

Bobby Thomas

Bobby Thomas is a creative agency with a mission to help clients all over the world to build groundbreaking websites that fully matches its brand identities.

This portfolio showcases a great collection of the agency’s latest works. With a simple overall design of the site, this agency tries to focus visitors’ attention on its nice works instead of something else that may distract and frustrate the audience.

Axxo Studio

Yet another portfolio of the website design and digital marketing agency. Their core values are awareness of customer problems, long-term cooperation, and trust. Axxo Studio helps its clients to solve problems by focusing on quality and making meaningful connections with a personal approach.

And their website serves as a great tool to highlight all previously mentioned morals and attract visitors’ attention. Its powerful background video effects create a sense of optical illusion and engagement. Also, the focus on typography is what keeps the established design visually-appealing.

June Calligraphy

June Calligraphy offers calligraphy and design services for multiple forms of work like wedding invitations, logos, menu cards, monograms and so on. Plus, they work with business branding and stationery production.

The soft color palette and clean organic design of the site creates an enjoyable impression. This is a good example of how Visual Composer elements can help to focus on the bottom line - the agency’s works.

Instant Nannies

Instant Nannies is a useful application if you need to hire a well-trained professional nanny for your kid. In a modern digital world, it is essential to get any service at one's fingertips. Get the app, find the nanny and just wait!

This website has a nice background shapes and the content itself creates a complete story. However, what could be improved there is a full-width stretch that is possible with new Simple Element Controls.


March is the best time to start creating your very first (or next) site with all the possibilities of Visual Composer Website Builder. #madeinvc

Because if others can, why can’t you? Here is worth to remember the iconic slogan of Nike: “Just Do It”.